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Tuition is due on the first of each month and remains the same each month. There is no additional charge for extra classes due to longer months, and there is no refund for missed classes or holidays. However, we offer a generous opportunity to take make-up classes whenever a student needs to miss a class. Please call our office at 303-771-6630 to schedule make-up classes.


Statements will be sent only to those students with delinquent accounts and will include a $35.00 late charge. An account is considered delinquent if not paid by the 7th of the month.


Please notify the office in advance if you wish to discontinue classes in order to stop tuition charges from accumulating on your account.


There will be a $35.00 charge for all returned checks. Lessons paid for on a drop-in basis are $25.00/hour.

Financial credit is never given for missed classes, either in advance or after the missed lesson.

Classroom Etiquette

Please arrive to class on time.

Please be dressed in attire that follows dress code.

Please work hard by listening to directions, implementing instruction, and dancing your best.

Please be respectful to your teacher and other students at all times.

Please raise your hand if you have a question.

Please refrain from talking while the teacher is providing instruction.

Please do NOT leave class without permission.

No food or gum is allowed in the studios.


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Dress Code

Pre-dance - Level 3

Girls: Any color or design leotard and tights 

Shoes - Pink leather ballet slippers and black tap shoes.


Boys: Solid color athletic-fit t-shirt, non-baggy sweat/athletic pants or athletic shorts

Shoes - White or Black ballet slippers and black tap shoes.


Children's tap shoes must be secured with elastic fasteners. Children taking Hip-Hop classes may wear Tan Jazz shoes or socks. Please label all shoes.


Level 4 - Level 8 and Company Students


Ladies: Solid color leotard (black for Jr. Co. and up) Light pink tights with feet. Flesh or Black Bras.

Shoes - Pink leather ballet slippers/Pointe Shoes


Gentlemen: Solid color athletic-fit t-shirt, non-baggy sweat/athletic pants or athletic shorts.

Shoes - White or Black ballet slippers and black tap shoes. 


Please keep ALL shoes in dance bag at ALL times.


Hair - All students must have hair pulled back away from face and neatly secured in a bun.


Tap/Jazz/Lyrical/Hip Hop

Ladies: Solid color leotard, athletic or yoga top (Nothing that is low cut or cut up allowing back/sides/midriff to show). Sweats or athletic pants are permitted for Jazz, Hip Hop and Lyrical classes, provided they are snug and short, so the dancers do not trip and their feet are visible. All loose fitting shorts above the knee must be worn with biking shorts or tights.


Gentlemen: Solid color athletic-fit t-shirt, non-baggy sweat/athletic pants or athletic shorts



Tap - Black Mary Jane Tap shoes

Jazz/Lyrical -Tan Jazz shoes, socks, foot thongs or bare feet/Lyrical shoes

Hip Hop - Tan Jazz shoes or socks


Hair: Hair should be pulled back from face in a braid, short ponytail or partially down


Please Note: The Dress Code is mandatory and appropriateness of apparel is based on teacher discretion. Parents will be notified if their child is not following the Dress Code. Jewelry should not be worn to class. No Food or Gum is allowed in the classroom.


Dance training must be consistent if it is to be effective. Our curriculum is designed to progress each student, each class. Students have the privilege of making up classes missed for illness or injury, but only when the school has been notified in advance. Makeup classes must be taken during the month they are missed and must be scheduled in advance with the office.


To View Important Studio Information please:

In case of inclement weather, please call the studio @ 303-771-6630, visit our Facebook page, Instagram or Twitter or the Closure page on this site for cancellation information.

Please Pick Your Children Up On Time.

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